Bob Cairone - Stages

Stages - Life of the Poppy Anenome

Painting of a group of Poppy Anemone flowers
Oil on canvas, 20 x 30"

The theme of this painting is the progress of life, as seen in the stages of the Poppy Anemone Anemone Coronaria flower. It is shown from earliest bud to full flower to dropping its petals until finally only a seed pod remains. Yet these stages do not represent birth to death, as the terminal stage contains with it the life of the next generation.

The yellow flower is a Calendula flower, and is also shown in its early and late stages.

This painting is available both as the original and in a Limited Edition Giclee print of 200. The orginal is $1,600 and a 16 x 24 " print is $65. Please contact me if you are interested.