Bob Cairone - Portrait of Karen and Peppermint

Portrait of Karen and Peppermint

Portrait of my wife and our cat
Oil on canvas, 12 x 12"

My wife Karen shares a quiet moment with our cat, Peppermint. We were just sitting at the table when Peppermint joined us, and quickly found his way into Karen's arms. It is simply impossible to be in close proximity to Peppermint without petting him, and soon he was relaxed and purring away. The scene struck me as so tender and intimate that I knew it would make a good painting. Thanks to the ubiquitous presence of cell phones, a few pictures were taken before the pose shifted.

This is a fairly small piece, just twelve inches square. Large enough to include some interesting details, but small enough to retain that intimate feeling.

Collection of the artist.

I am available for comissions. If you are thinking of a portrait of a loved one, or a formal portrait for an occasion, please contact me.