Bob Cairone - Junglecat


Picture of white cat in a flowerpot
Oil on canvas, 20 x 30"

This is a portait of our housecat, Lily. Not exactly wildlife, unless you ask our other cats. My wife grows a lot of houseplants, so much that I say I live in a jungle. Lily likes to hang out in this flowerpot and survey her domain, in this case a corner of the sunroom. Hence the Junglecat title. The plant in the pot is a Monstera deliciosa, and the foreground plants are mainly Caladium and Draceana. The large leaf in the upper right is from a Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia reginae. The autumn background is invention, as the photo was taken on an overcast summer's day.

This painting is available in a Limited Edition Giclee print of 200. The 16 x 24 " print is $65. Please contact me if you are interested.