Bob Cairone - The Emergence of Music

The Emergence of Music

The Emergence Of Music
Oil on canvas, 12 x 24"

The image emerges from the shadows, as the music emerges from the guitar. The feeling of music comes from the hands that play the strings, and from the life that has aged the hands. Music and life itself are emergent properties of all our events and experiences. Each moment is a note in a melody that isn't written, it emerges as it plays.

Hands can be as expressive, and can reflect our personal histories, as much as faces. They can tell a complete story in themselves. If the viewer feels inclined to hear more of the story this painting suggests, that is what makes this a successful work of art.

This painting launched a series of hands playing musical instuments I'm working on. It was also my first experience using alkyd paints, and a good experience it was! Alkyds are oil paints that have been modified for faster drying and greater transparency - exactly the properties I was looking for as I delved deeper into glazing techniques. They can be intermixed with traditional oils. I recommend them to any practising artist.

This painting is available both as the original and in a Limited Edition Giclee print of 200. The orginal is $1,800 and a 10 x 20 " print is $75. Please contact me if you are interested.