Bob Cairone - Capturing The Pawn

Capturing The Pawn

Painting of a hand playing a chess move
Oil on canvas, 20 x 16"

I've always been very involved with the game of chess. I learned to play at the age of 5, and have played actively ever since. Though I never obtained the heights of expertise I'd dreamed of, I remain a decent, competative club player. I was middle class A at my best, now class B, where I am content to remain.

This work combines my passion for the game with my love of art, and echoes the structure of my musically themed paintings. The position is not from an actual game. It is based on the Ruy Lopez opening, but the White foreground Bishop was placed there for it's visual balancing effect. Hopefully it still captures the excitement and anticipation of the game play.

The original of this painting is available for $850. Please contact me if you are interested.